Security Cameras & CCTV Surveillance Installers in Akron, OH

Sample Security and Investigation, provides access control and surveillance sollutions to organizations that help keep your goods safe wherever they are.

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Integrated Security for Retail Businesses

Professional monitoring to help today's establishments in Akron, OH deter and catch shoplifters, trespassers, and different kinds of criminals while protecting assets.

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Helping Officers Keep the Community Safe

Police officers in Akron, OH need protection too, which is why Sample Security and Investigation works with departments to install cameras and access control systems on the inside and outside of their facilities.

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Access Control Systems to Secure Your School

Sample Security and Investigation proudly offers access control to Akron, Ohio institutions to help keep students and faculty members safely out of harm’s way.

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Security Experts You Can Trust

Unfortunately, everything in the modern world is not sunshine and rainbows. Problems do exist, and issues can arise at any time, anyplace, or anywhere. Hence, interested Akron, Ohio, home or business owners should think about making one quick phone call and setting up a meeting with a security and IT expert today.



The appointment consists of the specialist walking through, consulting with the owner, and presenting the findings via an app demo.


System Design

Then, Sample Sercurity Services takes the time to design a system that accommodates the property’s specific needs and creates a competitive proposal. .


System Installation

Once the owner signs off, the installation is completed and another walk-through occurs teaching them how the system works.


3-Year Warranty

Akron, Ohio residents get 90 days of one on one support and a 3-year warranty on the cameras for added convenience.

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Video Security

Video Cameras

Video cameras are essential for capturing clear, precise images of intruders or criminals in all kinds of conditions and settings.

Recording Devices

Recording devices are equally as important as they produce evidence that the police need to ensure that justice is served.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring allows the property to be viewed while the owner is away with the help of a compatible device.



Sample Security Services installations are masterful and of the highest quality to assure that the equipment works correctly for years to come.


Training is friendly but also professional to certify that the client knows the ins and outs of the surveillance system.

Ongoing Support

The ongoing support makes certain that the customer has a handle on things and serves as a teaching tool too.


Video Security

We can provide your Akron, Ohio business with a complete, customized video security installation that protects your property, assets and employees. With expertise in security camera placement, recorder setup, cabling and network infrastructure, we’ll ensure that you have full coverage and 100% peace of mind.

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Access Control

Secure your facility with a top-of-the-line access control sytem. Sample Security and Investigation will do a comprehensive analysis of the entry and exit points throughout your property and outline an access control security system that will allow you to manage the flow of traffic. Learn more about how we can secure your property.

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Investigators & V.I.P. Protection

Sample Security and Investigation also provides highly qualified and experienced security officers with years of training and experience in investigations, surveillance, testifying, and V.I.P. protection. Our team of investigators can help you secure whatever it is that you're looking for. Hire our investigative team today.

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Thermal Temperature Detection Solutions

Many businesses are now contemplating installing temperature detection solutions near the main entry of their facility to prevent the introduction and spread of the Coronavirus.

These temperature detection zones require reliable, fast, effective ways to measure human body temperatures and to identify those with abnormal readings so they can be pulled aside for further evaluation or refused access.


Thermal detection camera system

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Twice a Year Inspection

Sample Security Services provides twice a year inspections to keep the system components working at peak levels. The staff also performs cleaning duties and can give upgrade or other recommendations at the time to take care of any new security/surveillance needs.



Inviting service technicians into a home or business can be a scary task, as you don’t know the employee’s background. Sample Security Services is licensed, certified, and insured, so do not worry yourself with anything, and instead, let the reputable team help.


Custom Design

Not every property has the same requirements. Some will need loads of cameras while others only demand a few. The professionals look at one job at a time, and give it their undivided attention to create a custom designed solution.


24/7 Customer Care

There is no telling when a criminal might strike, or a malfunction may occur. These things can happen during the day or in the middle of the night. 24/7 customer care assures that a representative can be reached when needed.